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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

busy - busy - BUSY!!

i am NOT a fan of busy - in fact, i am all about boycotting the "glorification of busy"
- it goes against my innate laissez faire personality trait!
why can't someone just pay me to read books, watch TV and surf the web!?!?
i promise, i'd rock that job!

instead, this newly found college graduate gets to construct a resume!
and how one goes about that exactly with only college, housewifery (is it a word)
and a convoluted collection of mommy skills?
well, it's proving to be a rather creative endeavor.  

you see - my art history degree is not the most demanding or lucrative degree on the market.
so using the skills i've obtained in a several classes, coupled with a handful of self taught skills (thank you
youtube), i am quite surprised with all i am able to put on a resume. wish me luck!

so in and around tweaking the resume and reformatting cover letters,
i can hopefully continue to ...
edit my massive batch of photos that were taken in italy
- or -
finally get to that closet and GUT it
- but -
i'll definitely be keeping up with the youtube education i've begun ...

starting here with some lighthearted experimenting with adobe creative suites!
here is my little summer mood-board, it serves both as homework and as inspiration . . .

i hope your summer afternoons have been as beautiful for you - as they are presumed to be by henry james!

summer afternoon

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