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Thursday, July 18, 2013

it is a season of change!! 

in short - i graduated!  :)

i will spare you the long-drawn-out-sorted and detailed process 
of me working on a resume in hopes of landing "a dream job" (ha)... 

 i am working on a few things from home before the "job" thing occurs. 

first on the list is a face-lift - sorta!

while the name [o] suze q is catchy, familiar and endearing (it's my hubby's favorite pet name for me) 
- it is nonetheless overused. and in hopes of standing out - in lieu of being lost in the crowd - i have been
 playing around with a few options and i think i found something i like (for now) ...

crêpes suzette & a camera

who doesn't love crêpes ... je suis suzette ... and i do have a camera ... ;)

the play on my name makes me smile - and a phrase seems memorable 
- and so i thought i'd go with it for now. i plan to work out some branding details, a little bit of marketing (self promotion), and a possible far-fetched notion of getting established with etsy. (eek)

we'll see if i can ...
(image from pinterest)

until next time - later skaters! (that's valley girl slang)

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