[5] a nod to the lingering summer days [in shades of sorbet]. . .

Saturday, August 03, 2013

texas summer's seem to arrive sooner and stay longer 
- not that i'm complaining [unless we get over 95' - a girl has her limits] - 
but this girl would rather be hot than cold any-day, so usually the longer summer - the better! 

however, as i navigated pinterest this past week i have notice an increasing number of  
f a l l / a u t u m n  pins appearing on my feed.  i'll admit it, the idea of cool days, crisp evenings, sweaters,
 thick socks and long nights in front of a fire, sounds rather inviting 
- especially as we struggle through 100+ degree temps 
- for me though, that pseudo idealistic picture is months away! 

in order to reconcile those long-dog-days-of-summer, i decided to make a 
c o l o r / m o o d   b o a r d  
to keep me hanging on until the cooler/crisper days appear. 
it was also some self appointed homework to further my adobe illustrator cs6 education. 


if you are looking to 
hold onto & celebrate the remaining days of summer, 
than take a page from Camille Styles - 
her wine & cheese spread [pun intended] is more than just a visual feast, 
it is a recipe for a promising summer soiree fit for your own midsummer's night dream. 

Wine and Cheese Tasting | Photos by Wynn Myers for Camille Styles
(shot to perfection by Wynn Myers)


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