the intent of s u n d a y

Sunday, October 13, 2013

weekends are wonderful!!
you can sleep in, go out for coffee, stop by the local farmer's market, 
there might some weekend chores to be done or fun gatherings to attend.

but no matter what - sunday always seems to feel intentionally slower than most saturday's. 
it's a day filled with more leisure activities seeking to hold tighter to our ever elusive weekends,
i.e. - lingering over our morning coffee /tea - brunch or extended family meals - couch football - reading a book - or just catching up on your favorite social media sites.
all of which kinda makes me like s u n d a y 's - A LOT! 

this series of p e a r s just feel like sunday to me, so i dedicate them to the stillness of s u n d a y.

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