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Monday, February 20, 2017

This is what playtime and practice look like! 

Taylor and I were scheduled to shoot together with several other vendors, but unfortunately, that shoot was pushed back a few weeks to a later date. That did not stop me and Taylor from getting together to play anyways.  Having recently switched from the Rebel to the Mark III - I am working on getting acquainted with it and its many nifty settings, just getting to know it better -- s o - t o - s p e a k.  ;)  Since Taylor was still game for a photo shoot, we location hopped and wardrobe changed for two hours (Taylor changed, I'm the photographer, that would've been weird if I changed clothes too).  This series is one of those hops . . . 

Disclaimer - Taylor is gorgeous, and a pro in front of the camera - and she made my job way too easy!

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