Thursday, March 26, 2015

one of my favorite shops in town is L a  B e l l e  V i e , a small boutique which sells French antiques, and a few other goodies!  i have this uncontrollable tendency to get lost there within its many treasures, textures and smells! and while i wish i could take half of the shop's contents home with me, i cannot, so i will just settle for a few pictures now and again and a small splurge every once and awhile.  

you will notice below that i got a little carried away within one of the many books La Belle Vie has to offer - Laduree: Decoration and Inspiration - this little gem captured my heart.  its watercolor illustrations are beautiful, delicate, and stunningly detailed - these charming illustrations endear me to one of my favorite childhood movies -The AristoCats.  a n d  any of you that know me personally, will understand my fond appreciation for both the movie and this book ! ! !   ; )

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