hydrate & moisturize !!

Monday, November 17, 2014

monday's musing was a timely one today. 

this morning, while i was reading blog post's from a few of my favorite bloggers, i was appropriately slathering Eucerin (Intensive Repair) lotion all over my poor-dry-cracked hands. cracked hands that i blame on both the cold, dry weather and washing dishes without gloves. (my husband doesn't believe me when i say i am allergic to washing dishes.) getting back to the "appropriate" part, i had just clicked on the blog The Simply Luxurious Life to read Shannon's post - 8 Ways to Create Glowing Skin - and i was immediately inthralled. 


we've all heard the importance of hydrating and moisturizing your skin, and the list of benefits, accompanying proper skin hydration and moisturizing, go on and on. the trick for me however is NOT to wait for the cracking to happen before i take a proactive de rigueur to my skin care.  

Shannon offers some tried-and-true advice, along with suggestions on a few skin care products, one of them being Eminence - a brand i recognize from my own esthetician Ashley, at Cottage Skin Studio (if you are local - go see her!!). there is soooo much valuable and worthwhile information shared by The Simply Luxurious Life that i won't attempt to regurgitate here. however, if you don't have the 5-10 minutes to read 8 Ways to Create Glowing Skin post, Shannon also offers a podcast to play while either driving in your car, walking to work, or on the treadmill at the gym. go check it out here.

and by all means hydrate & moisturize please!!! 

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