b a k e r y l o r r a i n e

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

 my new favorite place in driving distance ... b a k e r y  l o r r a i n e
as i was putting this post together i found myself riddled with strong urges to get back into my car - drive the thirty minutes it would take to get to the bakery - buy an obscene amount of macarons, tarts and croissants - and maybe maybe share some with a few loved ones!
yup - they're that good.  ;)

i haven't tried their cappuccino yet, however that's next on my long list of things to try there - that and get a few more pic's, if i can remember to take a picture before sinking my teeth in.  it's an occupational hazard where certain foods are concerned! 
scrummmmmlicous! (is that a word? it should be!)

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