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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

d e n i m & w h i t e !

gone are the days where denim is reserved for farmers and factory workers!! 
yes, it's still appropriate to wear denim while both farming and working in a factory, but denim can also be worn just about everywhere else 
(outside of most black tie events)!

me personally, i am a HUGE t-shirt and jean girl! 
and with white being my favorite color - ever, there isn't a more perfect ensemble than when white is paired with denim!
these below are just a handful of examples of which i consider to be the perfect pairing!! 

thank god for pinterest and its endless supply of inspiration!!  

(photo credit - smitten studio)

(photo - pinterest)

(photo credit goes to the lovely Anna In Honor of Design)

(photo- pinterest)

(photo - pinterest)

instead of sharing a hundred more images of denim & white i'll just link my fashion board here!! 


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